I can't imagine life without colour, nice science.

I can't imagine life without colour, nice science.

Originally shared by James A. Langbridge

Today, I came across this. I'm colorblind, and technically, I have achromatopsia. Life is black, white and grey. It's all I've ever know, and life is just "normal".

When I say normal, that isn't the right word. I can't drive, and probably will never be able to, unless driverless cars arrive sooner. I can hardly dress myself, I need someone with me to choose the colors. To be on the safe side, I'm often wearing black or grey. I need sunglasses everytime I go outside, sunlight is painful. Life isn't normal, and I just live with it.

I have to adjust - the vast majority of people see color, and so I find ways to live with them. From the office (sorting folders by color) to airports and travel (terminals are color coded), and even in the kitchen (I can't tell when meat is cooked based on the color), I adapt.

Now this video arrives in my inbox. I had thought that I didn't want to change. I shrug off comments and remarks, and answer questions when I can. I don't want to see as others do, I don't need to. Actually, this video has just shown me that deep inside, I'm torn apart, not being able to see as others. It almost makes me cry to not know what colors my daughter used in her paintings, and not knowing exactly what she made for me.

I don't know if I actually need these, but what I do know is that I want to see life in colors, at least once. Just an hour. I want to see what you call beautiful, I want to see what nature offers, and I want to see my daughter's eyes and hair... Just for an hour? Please?