Some people can truly see the future!....In 1974 I was 7yrs old just like that little kid :)

My son going to his Yr10 Formal, have I been orbiting a black hole? I'm sure he was only born yesterday!

Customer's corrupted database + restore backup they didn't know they had = I.T. HERO PRAISE!! #hailsanta

My quad screen setup...

Tell me about it!

Zombies are cool!

I'm coming to get you!


Sync with MapMyFitness working!

Coming to SteamOs <_<

Mapmyfitness has an option, nice :)

yes it is.

Love it, form and function whatever...

The absolute best FPS of the last decade....such a waste of promise, Crytek!

Steam Works on Win10.... but why do I feel dirty?

I know I am now a devout Linux user but had to give Windows10 Ent a go! Not too shabby but will stick to 14.04 XFCE!

I need a Shanghai Death-punch ;)

Ethan Tsingos was tagged in Eric Tsingos's album.

Wombeyan Caves

Sydney in the 70s, it was another world then.

Whats with the crazy "Hulk-hand" Nexus5 camera?

Motherboard update for my i7 4770K.

For all the Teslaphiles out there :)

Cheapy Chinese iQ can be used as an inductive hotplate!

Trip to Blackheath

Trip to Blackheath

Where the hell am I?

Q: And where's TARDIS?

The Littlest Hobo :)

Innovative! wants it :)

It's happening, we are getting fibre SpaceAustralia.

My new yolo-swag Ducky Shine 3 keyboard, pop that brown cherry!

So yo want me to setup an 18 Haswell temporary lab?....Done!

It's Spring!

Almost-Spring dog walk :)

A Biffy stroll :)

highLANder!! I want to go on next one! Gaming + Trekking :)

Dog Walking, it's an art!

Bro, how much word do you press?

Come, see....

Love a Walken Monologue..

Show your Desktop!

My Google inspired XFCE 3 Monitor Desktop ( 4th is for heretic systems like Win/Mac)

My walking buddy has turned 6 months old!

Hell-boy! got a purty big update!


Unforeseen consequences! 0_o fact>fiction=true

Playing around on dual 1080 desktop (vertical Stack) running a 14.04 XFCE (retro Tahr wallpaper)+ Vbox seamless...

Lost 1 of my kids, like this :)

Dark Green Kermit :(