Extreme Hipster!

Love HTML....


*My Baby, waiting for a new top end :( *

My Favourite new interweb character, I give you Mis Information Troll 2014!


My son's baby blue tongue lizard battling a snail...or as we like to think of it: Godzilla vs Gamera


Cyber Reproduction!

This is Whovians on the inter-webs today, right now! #drwho

Updated my desktop's Icon to Numix Touch, like it!

Me and 20 X i7...what to do?

Why would anyone want to set up Quad monitors?

All ass and no hole make Johnny a constipated boy!

Mounting 2.5" SSD Drives

Never noticed it before but I'm living on the cat's nose!

Mass pics

I used to go fishing there.

Damn you Power-supplies with only 4 SATA connectors!

A good Ad Board always make me smile :)

I told you they were surrogate areolae!

For it was foretold that after the Ten Virus-Plagues, Moses-Gabe led the Exodus of the Linuxites out of the Dark...

Tinkering around with SLI + Linux

"Enhanced" Ducks can sing


For my son and his Blue-tongue Lizard

Funny but often true. :(


This watch was on your Daddy's wrist when he was shot down over Hanoi.

My desktop, nothing like a bit of space! #debian #cinnamon #showyourdesktopfriday

OMG how good is this!


Oh so true!!

Blatant thievery!

Saw it, had to have it! goes nicely with my "Dish" theme.

R.I.P Doug Engelbart who was responsible for the greatest gaming controller ever: the mouse

Happy Canada Day.

Human Media....another catchphrase?

Luv my DROID :), what can I build?

Never used drupàl .....lucky!

When science and logic fails, then what..... Numerology?

Playing #Mythruna Alpha on a Linux Mint 15 box...Server/client seem pretty good! Its free...give it a go!

So starts the last week of Semester 1, 2013.

Top Notch Moussaka!!!

My Current Project

Don't frighten the programmers!

When a 1 MHz CPU was cool!

Damn u youtube.

My first computer

My first computer

Our World is truly a remarkable gif(t)