Happy NYE!


That's a bit of alright fun...

Extreme Geek!

Finally got my Christmas present!

Computational Demonology, anyone?

Aussie Christmas Decorations 😞

Great deal, MAD MAX (native linux) for $4.99, it would be unpatrioticto not get one :-)

“It’s your father’s Christmas Specials.

So what year is this?

Oh yeah!

I can feel the FOSS! woot.

Wow, I've been using a coreboot Bios and didn't even know!

Trying Budgie on Fedora 24 and I must say, PrettyAwesome! #fedora #linux

FC25 Wayland vs X.Org on 375.20, hardly anything in the differencethough Wayland does seem to drop in the min FPS,...

Let's settle this!

Looks very interesting! #GoogleEduOnAir

Nice logic :-|


Fedora 25 Beta + Wayland solid! ....(for a Beta)

Found a USB in my mailbox!

OCD wiring!

Come on Marty!

Tinkering with the Gnome version of Mycroft while waiting for myKickStarter to come :-) #mycroft #linux #fedora

black hat hacker!

here, babe...

Slight Steam addiction....

The Colonies support you!

Got Fedora 24 Beta up and running mostly everything OK, failed atSteam & VLC. :-(

"Winter in Australia is mild......"

Just got back from this at Google if anyone is interest in the state ofVisualization in Linux!

Reality Bites!

Want! #e-volo


Wednesday in Jenolan

Insight into the mechanic of hack, nice

NVMe SSD - Samsung 950 Pro Benchmark

FYI about the Future of Storage!

NVMe SSD - Samsung 950 Pro HW Install and Fedora (Chapeau) Install.

No1 fanboyz SystemAU Podcast

Trying out new Fedora 24 Wallpaper!

Testing Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 Beta, so far so good!

In case anyone uses a Fitbit....

Finally got my freedom-hating Fitbit to sync natively on the Linux!Woot!

Has everyone joined the Telegram IT Secuirty Alert Group?

IoT Mixer

Bored at work, so #GreenScreenChallenge with Matt Hartley

It's VIRAL!!!

Grass has grown while at 2016 -- Geelong, Australia​ for aweek :(

Trip to Linuxconfau 2016 -- Geelong,Australia #linuxconfau #systemau

So true...

Finally got a sticker! Had to drive to Geelong, but now have it!

Wow Pedro Mateus must have pissed off some one important!

What is the "Dark Net", good article


It's Crazeham!

Lolz Aussie!

Liking KDE Connect notifications on my Gnome 3.18!

#showyourdesktopfriday #qhd

Call the Osteo! quick!!

For the devil-worshipper of OpenSource. \m/

Finally I can easily adjust Clock and Fan speeds in Linux!

A good tutorial for overclocking Nvidia :)

The Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!

Took my Free Linux Foundation Chrome book out to see how it can handle Extreme Chromebooking!

Took my Free Linux Foundation Chrome book out to see how it can handle Extreme Chromebooking!

In case, you ever wondered...1943

Now I know where @unigine got it's inspiration for Unigine Heavan #pcgaming #linuxgaming

Hey NSA, I've found where Anonymous is based!

Just backed it! Cheap as chips!

I am Internet, hear me roar!

Do it!

How to get the Red Herring Steam Badge

It can't hurt, right?