Stop your crying and go play with your doll!

Good show...

Hipsters gone WILD! Beard Baubles for xmas.

My NBN travel mug I got in 2011!.........still waiting!

Based on current affairs, the next Ubuntu will be obviously Xenophobic Xenomorph

Yay! Show us your work fridge magnet Wednesday!

Been using Telegram for a few months now, quite handy and encrypted goodness!

Big Mac Cake?...Anyone?

The dilemma of 3x 27" but 1 is QHD....Brotherhood of Steel Wallpaper

Summer time in Australia.


Let's get toasted Marshmallows!

Number One! Engage VPN, Warp Factor 9!

Aussies! FYI

Wow...7 years ago...

Saturday Midday Movie Memories.... With Bill Collins

It's March madness, in October!

The Mushroom body type.

Love Thai Vietnamese restaurant names

So...What to choose for #lca2016?

My Son's Quad-copter "drone" coming in for a landing.



New pebble time, got swag!

Looky at what the postman got me, a new Pebble to play with :)

I have zero angst. I'd make a horrible goth.

Tesla beats Aussie Muscle...easy

Awesome VW!

I miss the old days, jumpers for IRQ , IO & DMA settings...NOPE!

OMG, Ewok Witnesses!

That's interesting...

I Remember....