Happy Canada day!

Angela is looking a little bit cyberpunk!

So sunny and so chilly, winter in Australia!

So, we having fun yet?

Linux fanboy porn

The latest humble bundle has just about every Borderlands game for those who for some reason don't have it yet.

Since we are all showing our dicks decks, here is mine ;)

Love those stupidly loyal guys! (we are not worthy!)

Childish? Shit yeah!!

My lappy's desktop :)

Give it a go!


Equestrian Xenomorph

Been trying out Chapeau Linux on a test rig, basically it's a tweaked for performance(aka gaming) Fedora 22, very...

A well articulated and enunciated explanation, take notes #systemau ! (Google+ needs a sarcasm tag)

just because....

Water is wet, sky is blue, and also

The Creepiest Phone Charger Ever?

Eye candy at #vivid Sydney Harbor

Enjoying #vivid on Sydney harbor!



Fedora 22