Lol, The power of Christ Compels you (to stop)!

I don't know, I already have 2 KODI raspberries, but $39 for a Chrome cast is a good deal + STAN for a month.

My realm of influence.

About time for the annual HL playthrough!

I can't imagine life without colour, nice science.


Thats why you need more than one screen! lol

It's a wrap, Jim!

It's the super-criminal "Dash-Hound"

Look what I found in a box of old crap in my shed, Mandrake Linux 6.0 3CD set, I remember buying this 15yrs ago, lol!

Boy George comeback?

every dog I know...

If you like IT, Linux, Techno-babble and Aussie accents!

30 years seperate these 2 pics, I don't notice any difference :)

Liked my old Pebble, so.....

The door, did you lock the door?

Enjoyed the pocast, nice to get a local flavour on IT and Linux from someone that doesn't sound "old and retired,...

So try.