Kill 2 birds with 1 stoner....interesting!?

It should be called David Evans!

It's, it''s not the web address....

Lets go Shopping!

My pet/favourite extensions in Gnome 3.16

Still happy, 6.5 weeks later : )

Still happy, 6 weeks later : )

Yes, I'm old

Just found, The first PC game I ever played.



Love downloading at work, speed!!

On Linux and in a current Humble Bundle. Great game, or is it?

Stanley Parable, Linux, Finally!? or is it? (pun)

Should have kept the LH Torana :(

Last Trip...

I should buy a fog machine for the server room!

Throws Aurodium ingots at screen!!

Velcro thongs!(flip-flops) ; )

Hi from Australia!

Connecting to my Current projects:


Sunny winter's weekend.

Love it!

Haven't benchmarked in a while, let's see what we get on FC22?

Waiting for mine to come....