Eric is a bad cockatoo!

Want a GUI for glxinfo and Vulkaninfo? Check out GPU-Viewer! #linux

Tanks for the memories..

Why Windows users can't have nice things 😞


Going through old emails, and found an old Youtube channel of mine fromover 5yrs ago!

Such a fan of NextCloud, nice to see integration with Moodle!

FreeNAS 11's new GUI is nice?

Papyros has merged with Hawaii OS to Liri

What a great service!

Best Metal ever......

Fedora 26 good , everything works, inc all the Negativogoodies, like NVidia & Steam! #fedora #linux

Hopefully we will see a Twenty-Six?

Now this is a solid old Workstation!

Working on my flux capacitor 😎

Hipster Checklist:

John Wiggins interesting, Tanzania made the Linux News!

Trump Make Linux Great again! #linux

The poultry is strong in this one!

Pro-tip, always.....

Cooling down Sydney style.

If only we had toe-controllers for couch gaming,a Mountain Dew in 1hand & Doritos in the other, while playing!